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anon_icon's Journal

Anonymous Icon Chat
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Select Members , Moderated
This is a community designed to survive very much like who_anon, but for icon makers. If you're not familiar with that comm (then check it out!), then this is a place for all sorts of icon chat. Concrit, praise, secrets, shout outs, CAPSLOCK, gifs. Basically, you name it. Hating on something is fine, just dont't threaten someone or get too personal. However, the following are not allowed:

1. Personal attacks on ANYONE of any type. If you wish to say 'ugh, I hate his/her icons' then fine. If you call said iconmaker a bitch (or similar) you get called on it.
2. Anon commenting is not necessary 100% of the time. HOWEVER, too much non-anon commenting will grant you a comment asking to go back anon. If you choose to use this community to chat to your friends non-anon, comments will be frozen/deleted and repeat offenders will be banned. Basically comments should be anon about 99% of the time or if the topic lends itself to de-anoning!
3. Too much trolling - if I think we have a troll in our midst, IP logging will be turned on, people will get banned and comments will be frozen/deleted.
4. Too much off-topic-ness (IT IS A WORD, SSH!).
5. Basically if you're being an ass then you're gonna get called on it.
6. No calling people out. Just because you may or may not have figured out who someone is, respect their right to anonyminity.
7. Respect people's privacy - no re-posting from a locked post. Screen caps, quotes, whatever, will not be tolerated.
8. Please do not post NSFW images directly. If you share any NSFW links (including images) then please post a warning.
9. Also, these rules will change as the comm grows - I will post an update when this happens so no one will be caught unawares.

BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. Or at least try to be.
anons, capslock, capslock and gifs, confessions, gifs, icon concrit, icon makers, icon praise, icon secrets, icons, secrets